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Opening Times EFES – Canterbury

Welcome to see the opening hours and ranges of the EFES and its available Canterbury in United Kingdom.

Day Opens Closes
Monday Midnight - 3AM
Tuesday Midnight - 3AM
Wednesday Midnight - 3AM
Thursday Midnight - 3AM
Friday Midnight - 3:30AM
Saturday Midnight - 3AM
Sunday Midnight - 2AM

The EFES opening hours and addresses are going to be available on this site to serve you with the best way.
Nobody wants to see a closed supermarket when they arrive at the place to buy even a small piece or a drink patch and seeing such view is so awful.
To avoid having awful times you need to look at the times and maps to find all of these great stores easily.
Moreover you can also find the addresses of malls or supermarkets, shopping centres and stores of the greatests in the shape of EFES – Canterbury in that location.

You can see the as this type with the times of these stores wherein numerous of areas of needs will be available all time.
Here it is possible to browse the opening times of the EFES – Opening Times and the opening hours of these brand.

EFES address;

36 Northgate

EFES phone number; 01227766966