Post Office Opening Hours

What are the post office opening hours in your country?

Post offices are one of the most important government organizations in the country. They are assigned to dispatch the letter, parcels from one city to another city in affordable rates. However this organization has certain rule and regulations that employees of the organizations have to follow. The post office opening hours vary from city to city and branch to brand. The head brand in an area is called GPO (General Post Office) and these head branches usually open from 9.00 am to 5.00 Pm. After 5.00 pm they don’t dispatch the parcels but they offer a lot other services to the customer after 5 pm. If you want to pay a utility bill, you can easily pay the bill in the GPO.

As we know that the post office opening hours varies from branch to branch and same is the case with the national holidays. If government have some collection of payment, they can order the head office to open the branch on public holidays as well. Some GPO’s in the world only have holidays for Christmas and Independence Day and other than that they have to open the branch on public holidays as well. Good luck.

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